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For $3.50 a month a Tibetan child receives a pre-school education at Yong Ling Creche Kindergarten in Dharamsala, India. The donation is payable for the year at $42. The funds are sent to the school in the form of a scholarship for a needy child.

In 1960, the Department of Education, of the Tibetan government-in-exile was established by His Holiness the Dalai Lama for the specific purpose of providing education to Tibetan children living in exile.

Aid has been given from many organizations and world governments, but due to the constant growth of the population in exile, resources are constantly strained. The Sponsorship Program is a way in which individuals from around the world can lend a hand.

A contribution of $20 per month covers room and board for a child attending a Tibetan residential school; a contribution of $30 per month covers books, uniforms, and school fees, as well. The poorest and most needy children are carefully selected for sponsorship.


Communication between sponsor and child is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a sponsor. Children love writing and receiving letters from their sponsors. All correspondence - e-mail, letters, etc. - from sponsors must be sent to the Department of Education with their child's name and sponsorship code number on it. Correspondence is then forwarded to the sponsored child. When receiving correspondence from sponsors, the child will send a reply to the sponsor acknowledging that they have received it. When the children are very young, they are aided in writing letters in English or may send drawings. When they are older, they will write letters on their own in English.

If so desired, the sponsor can send pocket money. We suggest sending not more that $20 annually. Many sponsors are exceedingly generous and wish to send more, we kindly advise against this, as it creates a gap between those children with little and those with a lot of personal money.


Annual progress reports are sent to the sponsors. This keeps the sponsor informed about the child's academic progress throughout the school year. If a child is unable to complete schooling for any reason, the sponsor is notified immediately.


The Department of Education requests that sponsors continue supporting a child through the completion of high school. After graduation, a scholarship program is available for students wishing to pursue further studies. Scholarship awards are limited, and are based only on academic performance. If the sponsor desires to continue assisting his or her child through college, we will make arrangements as needed.

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The Tibetan Children's Village (TCV), is an integrated community for the care and education of orphans, semi-orphans and destitute Tibetan children in exile. His Holiness the Dalai Lama proposed in 1960 that this center be established to care for the many Tibetan refugee children.

The Tibetan Children's Village is located in Dharamsala, India; and has over 11,000 children under its care, with branches across India. TCV is a member of SOS Kinderdorf International, Vienna, Austria.

All of the children at TCV live in groups called Khim-tsang. Each Khim-tsang is a self-contained family group with two foster parents. Children are raised as brothers and sisters and share in the household chores. During the day children attend school, which is in the Village.

In addition to looking after the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the children, TCV seeks to:

Provide the best of modern education, along with a deep and intimate understanding of the rich cultural heritage of Tibet.

Cultivate a sense of national identity that will enable the children to share the hope of the Tibetan people of returning someday to a free Tibet.

Help young boys and girls become self-reliant and contributing members of society and the world community.


You will receive a biography and photo of the child, plus correspondence and progress reports.

You can visit TCV and meet the child you are sponsoring.

All of your $30 monthly contribution goes to support the child's basic needs: Food.. $9, Housing..$9, Medical.. $3, Education expenses.. $8 Misc.. $1

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The program for nuns and monks operates through the Department of Religion and Culture of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's government-in-exile.

The Department of Religion and Culture has over 8,500 nuns and monks under its care.

Sponsorship is $25 a month. This takes care of basic needs, plus enables each monk or nun to receive a traditional Tibetan Buddhist education.

Sponsors receive a biography and photo of the nun or monk they sponsor and are encouraged to correspond and visit.

Donations for medical supplies and other essentials are also needed.

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