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100% of your donation goes to emergency assistance!
Immediate Goal: $10,800

Two intense earthquakes have rocked Nepal this spring, causing widespread devastation, with more than 6,000 confirmed dead and that number expected to continue rising. In addition, many thousands of people have been injured and rendered homeless, with the oncoming rainy season bringing the additional threat of disastrous landslides.

There has been widespread media coverage of the extensive damage in the capital city of Kathmandu, but reports also indicate that numerous villages and towns closer to the epicenter have been entirely wiped out. Many remain completely cut-off from assistance. Humanitarian relief efforts have begun, yet they are insufficient to provide aid to the roughly 8 million affected survivors.

Tibet Aid manages several projects in Nepal, including the Wind Horse Initiative, which assists Nepalese street children in Kathmandu and supports Tibetan women carpet weavers, in addition to our sponsorships of nuns, monks, and elders at the Khari Gonpa in northwestern Nepal. With communications down for weeks following the quake, we have just recently learned that all the monks, nuns and school children for whom we have responsibility are fine, for which we are very grateful! However, lack of food, shelter, and potable water continue to be pressing needs.

We are continuing to seek donations for emergency Nepalese earthquake relief. We cannot take on big clean-up or construction projects, but we can plug the gaps, providing assistance where the efforts of bigger organizations may not reach. One hundred percent of funds donated for this purpose will go to provide food, drinking water, tents, other shelter, medical relief, and reconstruction through our existing program contacts in and around Kathmandu. We urge you to donate to this effort by clicking on the PayPal button above.

Thank you for your generous support of the people of Tibet and particularly for your contribution to this relief effort!

If you prefer to send in your donation, please make your check or money order payable to Tibet Aid and mail to our office:

Tibet Aid
Donation: Earthquake Relief Nepal 2015
34 Tinker Street
Woodstock NY 12498

You can also call or fax us with your credit card information!


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Give a Gift that Helps the Tibetan People!

Want to give a special and meaningful gift? Know anyone who stands for justice, peace, and basic human freedoms?

For each donation of $25 to support Tibet Aid's work, we will send as our thank you to the recipient of your choice anywhere in the United States a bronze replica of the Congressional Gold Medal awarded in 2006 to
Tenzin Gyatso,
the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet!

Dalai Lama Gold Medal Christmas or
                          Holiday Gift

Photo courtesy of United States Mint

Give a gift that sends a message of unity and hope for the Tibetan community!
(For international recipients, please contact us for cost of postage.)


Send a student at a Tibetan refugee boarding school
home at school holidays with a donation of $50!

Use our donation form and check Travel Fund.

TIBET AID is dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to Tibetans in Tibet and in exile. Our vision is to see the Tibetan religion and culture remain alive and flourish. We believe that one day His Holiness the Dalai Lama will return to a free Tibet.
We hope that His example of compassion and non-violence will be the cornerstone of all governments of the world.

TIBET AID is a non-profit charitable organization. All contributions are tax-exempt
under the 501(c)(3) provisions of the US Internal Revenue Service.

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